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Coaching Workshops


Why build a Cornerstone foundation for volleyball coaching? Great structure begins with the proper foundation. By strengthening boys' volleyball coaching from the ground up, the Cornerstone Coaches Workshop is a structured teaching environment for middle, high school, and club level coaches aimed at enhancing each coach's knowledge of training and the game. Learn progression related drills to teach
sound volleyball skills while developing a deeper understanding of offense and defense. 
Take your volleyball IQ to the next level.

The Registration "Coaching Workshops" is not currently available.

Sessions and Times:
Workshop 1: October 8 OR October 22
Workshop 2: November 5 OR November 19

Check-in opens at 9:30am 
AM Session, 10am-Noon
Lunch/Break (lunch is provided)
PM Session, 1-3pm

Cost: $135/Workshop 
Location: Cornerstone Athletic Center, 535 Lakeview Plaza Blvd., Worthington, OH 43085, 614-987-6045 
Led By: Former OSU Men's Assistant Coach Tim Embaugh

Workshop 1 - General Volleyball Skills Training
The morning session will focus on: serving (float and spin), passing (forearm, overhead, and outside the body contacts), setting basics (feet and hands), attacking basics (approach and arm swing), pin attacking (left and right), attacking (middle and back-row), blocking, and digging.

The afternoon session will focus on: how to coach serving (identifying bad habits, differentiating good serves vs. bad serves, serve targeting, drill tips), how to coach passing (identifying bad habits/reinforcing good habits, footwork and arm movements, drill tips), how to coach setting (identifying bad habits/reinforcing good habits, establishing good muscle memory, middle and pin connections, out of system balls, setter IQ, drill tips). 

Additionally, drill building, practice planning, strength training, and shoulder health will be covered.

Workshop 2 - Offense and Defense Systems
The morning session will focus on: figuring out what your offensive system is, 5-1 (pros and cons), 6-2 (pros and cons), playbook (in-system and out-of-system), serve-receive, drill building, and Q and A.

The afternoon session will focus on: figuring out what your defensive system is, floor system strategies, blocking strategies, blocking and floor defense working together, off blocker, Libero/DS, and in game adjustments.

Additionally, drill building, match preparation, developing team discipline/culture, strength and conditioning, and coach/captain relationship.