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Adult Volleyball

Adult Co-Ed Open Gym

Open gym is currently scheduled for September and the first Sunday of October. Please continue to check back for additional dates and times. The schedule may vary depending on facility availability.


Adult Volleyball Open Gym

Adult Volleyball Open Gym Guidelines:

  • Dates and times are subject to change. Please check our website often.
  • We are a pay to play facility. The cost is $7/person.
  • We cap open gym at 60 players.
  • Open gym is available to all players regardless of gender or ability.
  • We require each participant to complete a waiver (assumption of risk) annually.
  • The facility is cleaned and disinfected regularly. Please do not attend open gym if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID or any kind of virus.
  • Balls are not provided. Please bring your own ball. 
  • The net height is 7'11".
  • Athletic shoes are required.
  • We do not provide babysitters. Please do not bring minor children.
  • Individuals or outside organizations are not permitted to hold team practices during open gym.
  • Staff members are on the premises during open gym and may or may not participate.
  • Please be respectful of equipment and others in the gym. Please do not use anything that is stored in the gym.
  • There is no touching, hitting, kicking, or horseplay. Safety is priority.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep your belongings in a safe visible location.
  • There is no spitting, vaping, smoking, gum, or alcohol permitted.
  • No hanging on nets.
  • No foul or bad language.